About George C. Levy

Closeup photograph of a Hippo taken at the St. Louis Zoo.

George C. Levy is a retired scientist and entrepreneur who greatly enjoys surprising people with detailed, vivid and sometimes imaginative color photographs

Throughout his life he has been an avid photographer, something he inherited from his father Charles Levy, who owned a Leica 35mm camera when George was born 72 years ago.  But only in retirement has George been experimenting with advanced equipment and methods to achieve detailed color photographs that explore the range of natural beauty in our world.  A good part of his work utilizes Macro photography in natural light; other work explores the animal kingdom through travel photography.  Some of his photography aims the camera at people or objects trying to capture a mood or a glimmer of something unusual.

George Levy earned his Ph.D. in chemistry from UCLA in 1968 and joined the General Electric R & D Center, but after 5 years and publication of his first book, he moved to academia where he was a Professor for 21 years and published nine books and over 150 scientific papers.  At the beginning of the second decade of his academic career, George started a software company, and that process enhanced his interest in entrepreneurship and developing technological businesses.  Since he moved to Michigan in 1994 George has been instrumental in the development and success of numerous high tech startups. He also served as President of the New Enterprise Forum.  In 2018 he became a Snowbird, spending 7 months a year in Florida.